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The Importance of Business Directories in Haiti:

The Haitian community and the children of Haitian descents globally are very proud of their Haitian heritage and do stay connected to Haiti and the Haitian culture. However, not too many Haitian children of Haitian descent travel to Haiti as of yet. Hence, many do not know their history and background very well but they are curious and will eventually be the future of the Haitian diaspora. We do believe as Haiti gets better, they will come to Haiti. By listing your business, classified or event will give you a tremendous amount of needed exposure within the Haitian community. In addition, listing your business will let the world know that Haiti is a beautiful Caribbean country. She has a lot to offer, and that she does produce and will produce even more viable goods and services in the coming years. Therefore, a business directory for Haiti is of extreme importance. It can connect sellers and buyers from the Haitian diaspora, Haitians living in Haiti, tourists, expats, potential investors, foreigners working in Haiti and people globally interested in Haitian goods and services. As it relates to tourism, listing your hotel, restaurant, nightclub, art gallery, taxi, rental car, scuba diving, excursion and tour company and other businesses in a business directory is crucial to the survival of your tourism related company. We do believe that Haiti is currently making a strong come back on the international tourism scene despite the incredible negative press it has suffered for the past 30 years. List your business today!!!

For Visitors of a Business Directory

How does a business directory work?

Its easy! Search the type of company, goods, or services you are looking for. Depending on the complexity of the business directory, they may have a summary of what they sell or offer, pictures, map, video, or discount coupons which you can print. You can post your own review of that particular business or read what others say about it.

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Why You Need to List Your Company with a Business Directory?

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic!!! A business directory can generate traffic for your business. We are living in a new age. Information is easier found on the Internet. Marketing is easier done on the Internet. For example, people rarely use an actual business directory book or Yellow Pages book. That was 20 years ago. Advertising your business in an online business directory or yellow pages is good for business. If you are not listed you can be losing valuable customers. Listing with a business directory will make your business visible to the entire global Haitian community. With the directory, you control your ad space. You can write a detailed description of your business or add pictures.

Listing your business is crucial. People will not buy your products or use your services if they do not know who you are within the Haitian community. In this modern age, people use search engines and online business directories for help in selecting the right products.

Suggested Business Directories for Haiti:

There are many business directories in Haiti but the ones we are familiar with are Flash Haiti, Pages Pro, Haiti Business and Haiti Building Markets. There are other very good ones, so please do not limit yourself to our suggestions.

Flash Haiti

Pages Pro Haiti

Haiti Business

Haiti Building Markets