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Bienvenue en Haiti!

The purpose of this website is to encourage Haitians living abroad, tourists and investors to come to Haiti. The website can be used as a quick reference guide to Haiti or as a vacation website. Haiti is an underrated magic island with hidden treasures in the caribbean. Yes, it is possible to vacation in Haiti despite the bad press Haiti has received over the years. Therefore, Come2Haiti invites you to get to know Haiti right here on this site before you take the trip. During your visit you will discover a country rich in history and culture. You will be surprised to find out that aside from our mainland, we have 6 other beautiful islands. We were unfortunate to be hit by a devastating earthquake on January 12, 2010 which claimed thousands of lives. However, we are dedicated to build a better and stronger Haiti. Haiti is now open for business and there is now unbelievable opportunities for international as well as Haitian investors to take part in the rebuilding process of the country. Haiti is the first country Columbus landed in his discovery of the Americas in 1492. Haiti is the first black republic in the world (a fight for freedom which begun in 1751). This is a country which opened the doors for the United States to obtain the Louisiana territories from France. This is a country who received Simon Bolivar twice and sent an army of Haitian soldiers to assist him in getting Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador and Peru liberated from Spanish Rule. This is a country who freed the slaves of the Dominican Republic. This is a country who influenced slave owning countries at the time to eventually end slavery everywhere in the Americas. If it was not for Haiti and its revolution, slavery may have lasted well into the 20th century in the Western Hemisphere. Here you will find interesting historical sites, museums, libraries and countless natural resources. We have the best surfing secrets in the Caribbean. We have undiscovered beaches and lagoons on Ile A Vache, Tortuga and our Cayemites islands. Discover our pirates of the Caribbean islands thru Port Morgan, Labadee, and Tortuga. We have a unique culture, music, art and authentic and delicious Creole food. Haiti will soon reclaim its title as the Pearl of the Antilles!

Featured Destination: Abaka Bay Ile A Vache, Haiti